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The Power of the Patient Perspective: Alzheimer’s Q&A with Tatyana Beldock
Being diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease is shocking in itself. But learning that you or a loved one has early onset Alzheimer’s — when the disease appears before age 65 — can be particularly devastating.
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The Patient Perspective: a Look at Crohn’s Disease
As part of Johnson & Johnson Innovation's in-person patient Q&A series, the team recently met with a woman diagnosed with Crohn's disease when she was only 13. Jackie Benson, Ph.D., who leads west coast immunology-focused collaborations for Johnson & Johnson Innovation, moderated the conversation. Dr. Benson discusses some of the key takeaways from the inspiring meeting.
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A Buzz in Berlin - Startup Slam at BIO-Europe®
Once again, the Johnson & Johnson Innovation team fully participated at BIO-Europe®, taking place this year in Berlin on 6-8 November. Attended by more than 4,000 biotech and pharma leaders and over 2,000 companies, BIO-Europe® is Europe’s largest life science partnering conference and a great place for the JOHNSON & JOHNSON Innovation team to “make the connection”.
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The importance of clinical observation
At Johnson & Johnson Innovation we believe that a great idea can come from anywhere, and our people are testament to that! Our experienced team comprises people who have their origins in the very sectors in which we are aiming to partner and, as a result, they understand the challenges and aspirations of the start-up community.
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“Diversity” isn’t the only issue, it’s “Inclusion” too
The demographics of our world and workplaces continue to evolve. More and more often we see individuals around us who don’t seem exactly “like us.” Perhaps it is in our schools or in our neighborhoods, and increasingly it is in our place of work. For decades now, the obstacles to participate have been slowly coming down and, for those willing to take on these opportunities less and less has stood in their way-- but we still have a long way to go.
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The Power of the Patient Perspective: Q&A with Sylvaine Cases, Ph.D.
Understanding the science behind the diseases that afflict us is necessary to develop new treatments, but sometimes hearing about a person’s first-hand experiences about their patient journey can help to enlighten us with insights that can lead to innovation.
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Janssen Neuroscience Co-chairs National Academies of Science Workshop on the Blood-Brain Barrier
Space is often described as the final frontier for exploration, but medical researchers know that the challenges to understanding and treating diseases of the brain are similarly daunting. Despite steady progress in brain science, effectively penetrating the blood-brain barrier (BBB) to deliver medicines for many neurodegenerative and neuropsychiatric disorders remains a major hurdle.
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New Dr. Paul Janssen Project Catalyzes and Convenes Champions of Science Across Generations and Geographies
Johnson & Johnson has launched the Dr. Paul Janssen Project to catalyze and convene champions of science across generations and geographies. Science is everywhere. It impacts our lives in every imaginable way. Now more than ever, science needs champions!
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Proud to Support “Together Science Can”
Science is built on collaboration, partnership, sharing and ideas. Science can solve some of the world’s most complex problems, but only when the best ideas are brought together. Johnson & Johnson Innovation is proud to support “Together Science Can” – a new campaign to celebrate and fuel scientific collaboration.
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Illuminating the Future of Medical Devices
A new generation of medical device technologies is spurring incredible progress across the health care spectrum, from enabling non-invasive surgeries to signaling serious health problems before they begin to impact patients’ lives.
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