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Can the Next Einstein Come from Africa?
By 2050, two out of every five children on Earth will call Africa home. Any one of them has the potential to become the next Albert Einstein, Marie Curie, or Jonas Salk. Scientific research outputs made by researchers in Africa have doubled since 2003 and the quality of that research is high.
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IDEA Pharma Celebrates the Companies that Bring Innovation to Market
The Productive Innovation Index started with (as usual at IDEA) a small question - are pharmaceutical companies more different than they are similar?
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Calling All Innovators: Help Us Build an AIDS-Free Generation in Sub-Saharan Africa
The DREAMS Innovation Challenge will award a total of $85 million for innovative, sustainable solutions to six Challenge Focus Areas that will give young women the opportunity to live the Determined, Resilient, Empowered, AIDS-Free, Mentored, and Safe lives they deserve.
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New External Collaboration Program Advances Therapies for Patients
Collaboration in science has yielded some of humankind’s biggest triumphs, particularly in medicine, and most notably in recent history, as we continue to unlock the complexities of the human genome. Janssen Research & Development (Janssen) and Johnson & Johnson Innovation recognize the benefits of strategic and synergistic external collaboration.
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Sourcing Meaningful Innovation in Medical Devices
We recently chatted with her about JJDC's breadth of Medical Device investments, what she looks for in start-ups and the future of Medical Technology.
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Finding Transformational Solutions to the Global Diabetes Epidemic
Today, Janssen Pharmaceuticals announced that it will develop and commercialize oxyntomodulin-based therapies, including HM12525A, a novel biologic that is expected to enter phase 2 studies next year for the treatment of diabetes and obesity. Janssen has obtained worldwide rights, excluding China and Korea, as part of an agreement with Hanmi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. The deal and contract negotiations were facilitated by Johnson & Johnson Innovation – Janssen Business Development.
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Finding the best science, wherever it happens
At Johnson & Johnson Innovation, we are searching for top notch science, and we know that a great idea can come from anywhere. We also know that no two environments are made the same, and at the Asia Pacific Innovation Center we are working to find great science and accelerate entrepreneurship across a vast and diverse region. Translating the best science into first-in-class, best-in-class health care solutions means applying the right nutrients to the ecosystem: deep science, access to capital and passionate entrepreneurs.
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Richard Mason named Head of Johnson & Johnson Innovation, London.
Richard will play a crucial role in working with the London IC Team to identify and develop outstanding science and transformative medicines, devices and consumer products. Richard joins the team after successfully working with Johnson & Johnson Innovation as a collaborator under his capacity as the Chief Executive Officer of XO1-Limited which was acquired by Johnson & Johnson earlier this year.
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Putting Patients First – No Time to Waste
At Johnson & Johnson Innovation we are always seeking to address significant unmet need by applying the best science - no matter where it resides – to develop new medicines.
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Crafting Your Biologic IND Strategy – Building a Successful Road Map
The biologics space is rapidly expanding beyond just antibodies. Hot new technologies, ranging from gene therapy, immunotherapies, CRISPR and CAR T-cell therapies as well as next-generation antibodies such as bispecifics, continue to drive growth in this space. Venture capital investment has responded in turn and is shifting towards biologics, with the share of biologics R&D funded by venture capital rising from 27 percent in 2004 to 50 percent in 2013. Currently, biologics are on track to be 20 percent of total market sales by 2017.
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