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Mentorship Is Nice, But Sponsorship Changes the Game
What does it really take to turn the tides of diversity in the life sciences? Some people say it’s about being more diligent in recruiting rather than relying on “tried and true” networks. Others say the secret is pairing young women and minorities with executive-level mentors who can lead by example.
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Emerging Innovations for a Healthy Summertime
A devoted sunscreen-applier with a background in skincare science shares some of the biggest trends she’s seeing today that can help improve our health during the summertime.
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JLABS Success Stories
The Acquisition of Adhesys Medical by the Grunenthal Group
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From Moonshot to Reality: Achieving a World Without AIDS
When HIV caught the world's attention in the 1980s, no one could have predicted that today it would be possible to manage the disease with one pill once-a-day
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Hard to Fathom
Why the true heroes of modern medicine are the patients who participate in clinical trials
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JJDC and Janssen Immunology invest in BiomX, a pioneering microbiome therapeutics company
The microbiome represents a dramatically new frontier of medicine, with advances occurring in parallel across many modalities and disease areas. Underscoring the vast potential in this field, JJDC co-led an investment with Janssen Immunology and its IBD team in BiomX, Ltd., a pioneering microbiome therapeutics company. Date or reference or blank 5 June 2017
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Flash Consumer Device Pitch, Shanghai: Now Accepting Applications
Johnson & Johnson Innovation welcomes applications for a chance to pitch in front of consumer innovation industry experts at the first-ever Flash Consumer Device Pitch in Shanghai.
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Celebrating Today’s Visionaries, Inspiring Future Leaders
This week, the New York Academy of Sciences continued its year-long bicentennial celebration – a remarkable milestone for any institution.
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Collaboration on Hyperdrive: Celebrating One Year of Successes at JLABS @ Toronto
This past year has been arguably the most exciting in history for Toronto’s life science community, with a new energy that’s percolating from the city’s core. There’s no question that Johnson & Johnson Innovation JLABS has been the catalyst for this. It was just one seemingly short year ago that the first international JLABS location opened its doors right here in the scientific and medical heart of Toronto.
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3D Printing: Bringing Emerging Technology to Orthopedics
What began several years ago as a collaboration between Johnson & Johnson Innovation and a pioneering medical device start-up company called Tissue Regeneration Systems (TRS), has evolved into an acquisition that will enable the Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies to advance a truly novel 3D printing technology for bone trauma and deformities.
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