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Meet Eva Wolfangel: European Science Writer of the Year 2018

Innovation Center July 16th, 2018

Promoting excellence and creativity in journalism on science, engineering, technology and mathematics.

Congratulations to Eva Woflangel, a freelance science journalist from Germany who received the 2018 European Science Writer of the Year Award at the European Conference of Science Journalists on July 8. Johnson & Johnson Innovation sponsors of the Award, which is organized by the British Science Writers Association.

Eva's reporting includes articles on the life and work of Russian cosmonauts published in Der Spiegel; the use of biometrics to identify bank customers published in Die Zeit; and tech that measures the 'hidden' stress of autistic people published in Süddeutsche Zeitung, gave her the edge over the other 19 nominees for the 2018 Award.  (English translations of Eva's winning work is available at https://www.absw.org.uk/files/Eva-Wolfangel-work-samples-translated-to-English.pdf)

In its nomination of Eva, the German Science Journalists' Association, WPK, said: "Time and again, Eva Wolfangel proves that even in the difficult and unemotional field of technology journalism, you can produce pieces that surprise and touch people. With great creativity, clarity of thought and expression she finds unusual ways of addressing ‘unwieldy’ topics."   

When presenting the award, Seema Kumar, Vice President Innovation, Public Health and Science Policy Communication for Johnson & Johnson, commented on the value that solid science journalism brings to society and the research profession. ‘’Public trust in scientific expert opinion is not as strong as it once was. Today, excellence in science journalism and communication gives us the opportunity to reach beyond promoting public understanding of science – to create excitement and inspiration for the important work scientists do, and show how it impacts society.’’

J&J Innovation has a long history of partnering with professional groups in national and international science journalism, she says. ‘’Scientific excellence is at the core of all our work. Quality science journalism is an important link to translate innovation and complex issues so they are understood by people and shared in society.’’

eva wolfangel  eva wolfangel


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