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Small Country, big ideas – The "Chutzpah" that is Israeli Innovation
Israeli Innovations have been making the rounds in the last few decades; the Israeli Ecosystem's many inventions and breakthroughs are prized in the country with its well-known moniker – "Start-up Nation".
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Champions of Science “Lab Coat of the Future” QuickFire Challenge Finale
Champions of Science “Lab Coat of the Future” QuickFire Challenge Finale
Lab Coat of the Future QuickFire Challenge Finale
Champions of Science “Lab Coat of the Future” QuickFire Challenge Finale
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A shared vision for neuroscientific research
Reflecting on lively discussions at BIO-Europe Spring, John Isaac shares his thoughts on advances in neuroscience research and the concerted efforts across academia, industry and stakeholders to advance knowledge in this area.
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As Immunotherapy Becomes Mainstream, Cancer Clinicians Ponder What’s Next
What’s Next for Immunotherapy
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Leading Scientists Take Beauty Beyond the Jar. How Can You Play a Role in Advancing Digital Beauty?
Johnson & Johnson is pushing the boundaries of how consumers experience skincare. At the recent Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Johnson & Johnson unveiled the Neutrogena Skin360 SkinScanner, a dermatologist-grade skin analysis technology that helps consumers understand, track, and learn how to take care of their skin. The Skin360 SkinScanner helps our consumer accurately measure her skin’s health above and below the surface over time and leverage Neutrogena’s wealth of scientific research to provide the personalized skincare advice she wants.
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CES 2018 Lights up Las Vegas
The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) has just come to an end in Las Vegas, and I was lucky enough to be there again. Since 2002, when CES was still focused on consumer electronics (TV, DVD, audio and some first smart home concepts), I have been visiting CES regularly.
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Rock skipping on a pond
Rock skipping on a pond
JPM at 15
To “skip a stone” takes more than just practice. It requires discriminating selection, as only a tiny subset of stones will do. The perfect stones for this are those that have been polished by time – rounded of rough edges and protected from too much mid-body girth. Slowly acquired features derived from countless collisions along the water’s edge and its constant energy and commotion. Skipping requires momentum, but not just speed. It requires a discrete angular velocity that will enable the first encounter to be rebounded into a series of repeating patterns that allow the stone to touch, taste, re-lift and return across the awaiting surface – again and again. A useful metaphor for many things, but particularly apropos as we gather our things, board our planes, trains or (likely time-shared) automobiles to rejoin as a community at the J.P. Morgan 2018 Healthcare Conference and, our 36th “skip” as an industry. Again, we are all returned to San Francisco to reflect on the trajectory of the biotechnology industry and now healthcare in general. To see how we, as a community, can bring forward new medical advances that are needed all across the world.
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The Power of the Patient Perspective: Alzheimer’s Q&A with Tatyana Beldock
Being diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease is shocking in itself. But learning that you or a loved one has early onset Alzheimer’s — when the disease appears before age 65 — can be particularly devastating.
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A Buzz in Berlin - Startup Slam at BIO-Europe®
Once again, the Johnson & Johnson Innovation team fully participated at BIO-Europe®, taking place this year in Berlin on 6-8 November. Attended by more than 4,000 biotech and pharma leaders and over 2,000 companies, BIO-Europe® is Europe’s largest life science partnering conference and a great place for the JOHNSON & JOHNSON Innovation team to “make the connection”.
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The importance of clinical observation
At Johnson & Johnson Innovation we believe that a great idea can come from anywhere, and our people are testament to that! Our experienced team comprises people who have their origins in the very sectors in which we are aiming to partner and, as a result, they understand the challenges and aspirations of the start-up community.
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