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Transformative Technologies in Israel – How JJDC supports healthcare innovation at MIXiii-Biomed
The MIXiii-Biomed conference covers the full spectrum of healthcare from prevention to diagnosis, monitoring, treatment, and rehabilitation. This year, the event will also explore trends and innovations shaping the future of the healthcare system.
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Fostering innovation in Europe: A flash back to BIO-Europe
At the end of 2018, the Johnson & Johnson Innovation team were out in full force at BIO-Europe in Copenhagen last November. With a team of 35 Johnson & Johnson colleagues, we were there to meet the best and brightest of Europe’s life science startups, and participate in key sessions.
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In Sync at Johnson & Johnson Innovation, Asia Pacific: A Conversation with Dan Wang and Sharon Chan
Next year, the Johnson & Johnson Innovation Asia Pacific Innovation Center will celebrate its five-year anniversary in Shanghai. The number of partnerships, collaborations and deals that have occurred since the Center’s opening is a testament to its success. Now Johnson & Johnson Innovation is poised for its next big milestone in Asia Pacific, opening the very first JLABS in the region—JLABS @ Shanghai. Opening JLABS @ Shanghai reinforces the explosion of growth in the region and the increasingly important role it plays as a source of cutting-edge innovative science and healthcare. Working together, the Innovation Center and JLABS @ Shanghai will nurture an ecosystem of entrepreneurial scientists progressing their transformative science into solutions that can spark the next great idea to change the trajectory of human health.
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LatAm – Challenges and Change
LatAm – Challenges and Change
Science and the Women of LatAm – Challenges and Change
This week, I’m enjoying productive time in Panama City for CILAC 2018: The Open Science Forum for Latin America and the Caribbean. The conference is a key regional space to convene multi-disciplinary groups together to address the world’s most pressing challenges.
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Champions of Science Storytelling Challenge – YASE Edition Winner Announced!
Johnson & Johnson Innovation launched the Champions of Science Storytelling Challenge in 2018 to uncover the inspirational stories of scientists and innovators working to make a difference in their communities and around the world. Through this and many other programs that are part of Champions of Science platform, we hope to celebrate diverse champions of science from around the world and get more people to embrace the role of science in our society.
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The Road Less Traveled: Honoring 2018 Dr. Paul Janssen Award Winner James Allison
When the cancer-fighting convention focused on tumors, James Allison, Ph.D, chose a different path: focus on the immune system. Although it took several years to convince the oncology community that cancer could be treated without focusing on the tumor itself, his insight eventually led to the rapid evolution of immuno-therapy that today is yielding life-altering treatments and new hope for patients with cancer.
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Michal Preminger
Michal Preminger
Harnessing the Best Healthcare Innovations
Q&A with Michal Preminger, Ph.D., MBA, Head of Johnson & Johnson Innovation, Boston
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Two Things All Companies Could Use More of: Women and Analytics
Key takeaways from a women in analytics event held in Silicon Valley.
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Showcasing the Stories of Superstars of STEM
As a leading healthcare company and proud champions of science, we believe that science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) are critical to advancing and enhancing the health of everyone, everywhere. To advance health for humanity through science and technology, Johnson & Johnson Innovation works with many partners to fuel a strong pipeline of the next generation of innovators.
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Data to Insights: Addressing Challenges of the Microbiome
A mysterious, complex and largely unknown universe exists within and on you. Every day, as you go about your routine, colossal quantities of microbes that form your unique microbiome are aiding or obstructing your functions. What role can this universe, the human microbiome, play in preventing disease and treating illness? This question has spurred unique in-human research and development strategies, which deliver an abundance of data. Now, what do we do with these data? How do we make meaningful insights and unlock solutions to our health? How do we turn code into tailored interventions and treatments ready for the market?
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